“One can live magnificently in this world if one knows how to work and how to love” - Tolstoy 

On the 28th floor of a new addition to the London skyline, against a backdrop of sweeping views across the city, we celebrate women and what it means to love and work. The Rejina Pyo SS23 show became a way to acknowledge the daily challenges women face, and celebrate this community as the central muse. Familiar structures are softened. Play and versatility in bold palettes challenge the ready to wear status quo; it is womenswear meant to reflect our contemporary reality. We are caregivers, entrepreneurs, mothers, daughters…we contain multitudes. The SS23 show was a platform to present Rejina Pyo’s image of ‘woman’. 


The show is a great medium for telling a collection’s story, and the venue is integral to developing this. Love and Work felt most at home at the top of the industrial HYLO building. Working with longtime partner Studio Boum, the natural characteristics of this space became a platform for SS23 to flourish. Facing the future, without turning completely from the past.


This collection is a celebration of what Rejina Pyo is all about, dressing real women in pieces that add something special to their everyday lives. In the mix of our casting we had artists, photographers, a jewellery designer, even a reiki healer. The energy was strengthened in both the joy and the struggle they carried, it was powerful to be part of.


We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint across our business, including our shows. We present our collections in venues we connect with, working with the unique architecture and aesthetic of each space. Finding these hidden treasures is a key part of the creative process in every show we produce, but more importantly it means we eliminate the creating and wasting of any set materials.

This season we worked with talented makeup artist, Crystabel Riley. Sharing our sustainability values, Crystabel used low-waste, organic products produced in compostable packaging. Fresh-faced skin laid the foundation for unexpected pops of tangerine and tomato on the lips or heavy pencil in the waterline. These added flairs assisted to reinvent typical workwear makeup, allowing our responsible standards to take centre stage.